What is Early Childhood Education?

What Is Early Childhood Education? Your Questions Answered!

What is early childhood education? Early education can range from subject-specific courses to generalized constructive play; every program is different. There are, however, a few universal themes:

The majority of early childhood education (ECE) programs focus on providing a solid foundation for social, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional development – establishing skills in these areas is a proven stepping-stone for future educational and economic success. [1]

Who Needs Early Childhood Education?

ECE programs are diverse in nature, catering to a wide range of pre-school age children, from infants to children of all levels of ability. Every child can benefit from an early introduction to education, whether provided by a parent or professional – but for the children of parents with fulltime jobs, ECE may be the only chance these youngsters will have to develop crucial social learning skills.

Today’s increased demand for educational excellence combined with the economic need to work longer hours is an equation that highly favors early childhood education.

But what is early childhood education accomplishing on a large scale?

Children with who attend quality early education classes tend to perform better in school, present a lesser risk of dropping out, have a lower chance of committing violent crime, and earn higher wages than children who go without. [2] Of course, these results not only benefit the child but also benefit society as a whole.

Do you feel like your child could benefit from an advantage over classmates, an improvement in reading or writing skills, a structured developmental atmosphere, or more social interaction? ECE may be perfect for your family if any of these areas are a concern. The next generation will carry more weight on their shoulders than any other generation to come before them, and these invaluable minds need the education to match. After all, what is early childhood education besides an incredible opportunity to learn how to succeed?

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